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Planetoid Pioneers is a GO for launch

Planetoid Pioneers has officially launched

Planetoid Pioneers has finally, officially, released. The effort slithered into pre-production at the beginning of 2010 with experiments on ideas, art direction and gameplay. It was initially available through Steam 'Early Access' from 21 July 2017, and as of 8 February 2018 it was tentatively freed into the wild.

It has been a labour of love and commitment to maintaining creative control over almost every part of the development and creative process. The bulk of the subsystems in Planetoid Pioneers have been built from the ground up in c++ and lua. The graphics engine, the physics engine, the animation system, the toolchain and the game editors all built by the team. The team's dna is stamped all over the game for better or for worse.

There is for now a moment to dwell on a deep sense of satisfaction and the ability to take a very short breath. Then begins the watch to see how the market responds, and the nose will again hit the grindstone as the first bugs surface and hotfixes must be written, tested and released. When things settle down we move to work on the next stage of the roadmap, localisation and porting to additional systems.

For now, enjoy the official Planetoid Pioneers launch trailer and we hope you buy our game!

You can buy the game on Steam right now.

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