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An incubator (Stugan programme) internal exposé on Planetoid Pioneers

Learning media savvy

Indie games developers have to wear a lot of hats. The breadth of skills one needs to bring a project successfully to fruition do not all come naturally to us and may exist firmly outside of our comfort zone. Project management, brokering publishing deals, marketing, team management and recruiting - all these skills are outside of what many developers would consider their forte.

The Stugan programme is trucking a holistic approach. With only a small amount of time to really impact upon the participants (a couple of months flys by!) it makes sense to touch on a lot of important skill areas that traditionally developers might be a little weak on. This maximises impact and growth.

To that end the Stugan mentors are helping participants plan and execute a video exposé on their title. As it turns out Planetoid Pioneers was first cab off the rank. This was the result.