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Locked in a cabin, he was forced to paint

Really? You are going to curse the interwebs with that title.

A few weeks back the Planetoid Pioneers team was accepted into the Stugan incubator and mentoring programme for games developers. Run by a combination of private organisations in tie with the Swedish government it is a unique programme which brings with it advice, expertise, exercise and intense collaboration. The venerable Polygon 'zine did a little piece covering it over here

It's a fantastic opportunity and one that brings with it very tangible benefits. The first of which being that the majority of the team is going to get to meet each other for the first time! One that sadly I will not experience first hand due to work and family commitments. Slack has been our friend.

Applications were open to teams from all around the world and I was very happy to see a couple of Australians from Melbourne who made it into the incubator. Issy Gramp and Laura Stokes are building Intergalactic Space Princess. Not only are they the only all Australian team, they're the only all girl team and they are a quite a hit over in Sweden.

Team Planetoid Pioneers is making some serious headway being able to collaborate so intensively. For me that is the real reason these programmes are such a boon. Our Chief of Stuff; Arne yesterday recorded a whole day of his efforts in the form of a speed paint. I liked it so much I'm showing it to you!