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Planetoid Pioneers Ahoy

A new beginning

It has definitely been a slow start to the year. Even this is retrospective, this is not now. It's not the present. This is the past. Not the distant past, but the past none-the-less.

Deciding on a next project has taken longer than expected. I say decision loosely. More a chain of circumstance. I had in fact already decided on what I would be doing next. I set off building a game titled Daemon but efforts have been halting.

I didn't really talk much about it (which I think reflects some doubts I had) and my coding efforts were little more directed than building a splash screen and loading a single character. It was a decision in a vacuum, and in that way not a decision at all. Nobody was going to hold me to it and in the end not even myself - at least not in the time period I had set myself. I had always fancied I'd be able to plug on with a lonesome project but I've begrudgingly come to admit to myself that I would benefit having somebody to bounce ideas off of; and to carry the torch a little when you're not feeling motivated. I did try a few times to bring others in on the project. Being a bear of little artistic talent I had always set my heart on finding an artist with whom there was simpatico. I spoke to a couple; and indeed even had a trial run with one but as fate would have it, little eventuated. I have a particular aesthetic in mind for Daemon and that probably hasn't helped.

Almost all the talented artists I've worked with in the past are exploring their own ideas, and rightly so, who wouldn't want to do that. Especially as we are talking about passion projects here. It is not going to pay the bills on time.

Something I have noticed about artists of which I am rather jealous; their artistic ability and skills frequently makes them adept at communicating their vision.

Unmotivated and adrift I toyed with some web stuff, almost like killing time.

Then Dan from Data Realms got in touch with me. Even though Dan and I have become firm friends I had rather studiously avoided getting in touch with him. I somewhat subconsciously and stubbornly avoided talking to him so I wouldn't get sucked into his vortex of enthusiasm. I wanted to push on with my own creation. He fired first and I didn't put up much of a fight.

Dan was tooling up for his next project. What's it called? Planetoid Pioneers. What's it all about? Colonisation, exploration, side scrolling shooter, builder, physics. You know the deal. Is it the sequel to our last gig Cortex Command? ... no... kinda. not really. Spiritually perhaps? I don't know. Check it out.

Well I did and I was drawn in. It carries a kind of painted aesthetic. It features a completely new and in-house physics engine called Crush2D, so this time around its polygonal physics rather than per pixel physics.

Dan had already brought on a couple of other folks, all with strong skills and bubbling with enthusiasm.

I took a week to think about it and then jumped on board.

I've had to put Daemon on backburn but I do plan to revisit it someday. Hopefully this time with art support.

... for now I will leave you with an early concept piece for Planetoid Pioneers courtesy of Arne Niklas Jansson.