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Cortex Command build 30 has been released!

After a year long hiatus the teams at Data Realms and Kruger Heavy Industries have again resumed work on Cortex Command.

Foremost in this release is Steam workshop support. Players can now share modifications and content easily with other players!

Additionally we have added Cortex Command achievements. You can try to get them all or just enjoy the fruit when you stumble upon an achievement. Finally, we've added squad control mechanics, yielding extra depth and tactical options in the game.

In other news we have also made changes in meatspace and under the hood. In particular stream lining our internal processes. We have vastly cleaned up our codebase and are in the process of unifying all our platform branches. New builds will be built automatically from code changes and pushed out to beta testers automatically for all three platforms (Windows, Macintosh and Linux).

This is intended to improve the rate of feedback, bug discovery and save us a lot of time in the future; leaving more time for us to add features, fix bugs and familiarise new team members with our tech.

The official announcement is here. The response has been positive so far with Indie Games having this to say.