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Box2D for Unity

In 2012 we participated in the development of Box2D for Unity as bannermen of our comrades in alms (pun intended) Different Methods.

Box2D for Unity garnered some interest when it was released on the Unity asset store by Different Methods and enjoyed modest sales until the impending release of Unity 4.3 which included as a big ticket item - a complete Box2D integration.

While it was not a surprise that Unity would eventually include a shrinkwrapped 2D physics implementation, it had been mooted for some time, it none-the-less was a stark reminder of the ever present possibility that Unity would start to encrouch upon areas serviced by 3rd party developers. It is part of life working with large vendors.

So Different Methods was faced with the problem that the Box2D for Unity package was about to be obseleted. One option would have been to add further features to Box2D for Unity to give it a fighting chance against Unity's 1st party implementation. On the balance (which considered the DM current product stable) that option did not seem very palettable. Different Methods decided that instead of letting the package languish on the asset store unloved and without a future it would gift the rights to Box2D for Unity to the Industries. Different Methods is now able to focus more resources on their brilliant Unity AI package React which has a bright future.

Meanwhile, gnomic scribes have decreed the rights to Box2D for Unity have transferred to the Industries and we are pleased to annouce the re-release of Box2D for Unity under our brand.

The Industries is happy to take on Box2D for Unity as we thus far we have not yet ventured into the world of the Unity asset store. The package is known, the code familiar and the topic close to our heart. It seemed like a great way to get some exposure and experience in this realm.

The roadmap for Box2D is yet to be decided (maybe that is too honest). Some options on the table include native support for Box2D (better performance), better tools and/or more examples. The decision rests somewhat on if Box2D for Unity has any remaining value to Unity developers. If you have ideas or skin in this game for the future of Box2D for Unity. Let us know.

Finally, to answer what might be a burning question; Existing owners of Box2D for Unity will continue to have access to support through us.

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