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Xcode: iPhone or iPad application code sign error

This morning on a re-imaged OSX machine I attempted to compile an ipad application and I was rewarded with the error below.

codesign error: code signing identity 'iphone developer' does not match any code-signing certificate in your keychain. once added to the keychain, touch a file or clean the project to continue.

I was puzzled. I'd already made a developer certificate request to Apple, had it signed and installed it in my Keychain Access, I'd also downloaded and installed the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority certificate. I'd installed the required development profile that matched my ipad device Unique Identifier, my personal developer certificate and the application I am developing but still, every time I hit build it gave me a code sign error. I didn't get it.

At some point it a suspicion formed. In my Keychain Access I noticed my certificates where installed in the System keychain. I'm not even sure why they got installed there, I don't think I did it explicitly.

I moved my certificates to the login keychain which I assume belongs to the logged in user on OSX (i.e. myself). Attempting to re-compile the source code of my ipad project yield a positive result. Moving the certificates to the login keychain seemed to work! So I post my small solution here today in the hope that somebody else might benefit.