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Preview release of KHI 2D technology coming soon

With the release of Eets for Macintosh coming soon, our attention is slowly moving on to our next project in development.

That as yet to be announced project is built upon a 2D engine that has been developed by ourselves.

While our main goal has been to support the development of our next title, we have tried to build it in a general, clean and reusable way. We've also always hoped to be able to release the engine technology for other people to use and we intend to continue to build and maintain it.

We're currently in the process of cleaning up an initial preview release of this technology. It's been tenatively named Simple Game Engine. It's an OpenGL based, accelerated, multi-platform 2D engine. Our initial goals we're to provide the following features to support the development of our game.

  • 2D primitives

  • Accelerated via OpenGL

  • Loading of popular file types including, JPG, PNG, BMP, DDS and TGA

  • Multi-platform capability

  • Simple, easy to use API

  • Abstraction of native platform window and viewport handling

  • Usable from both C and C++ languages

  • Design with long term goal to support consoles

We're looking forward to sharing our initial preview release. WY6FHGGZUKB2