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An stlport tip, for solving linker errors (stlpmtx_std vs stlp_std)

We've been making heavy use of stlport for our projects. Stlport is a great, freely available library that one can use on plaforms without a mature C++ stl library. A number of our team experienced problems when building an stlport application; specifically linker errors.

A common cause of link errors while making use of STLPort is variations in the compile flags between the stlport library itself (if it needed to be compiled - often it's headers only, depending on how you use it) and the applicaton.

With the output errors, check the namespace of the missing methods, it might tell you something about what's happening. The specific problem occuring for members of our team was yielding errors with a signature of form:


Eventually we realized the application was compiled with stlport in a non thread safe form (i.e. _NOTHREADS defined), but my the systems' dynamic libraries (of stlport) were compiled as thread safe (generating the corresponding link table name prefix signature - stlp_std::methodname).

Hopefully this will help somebody who might be confused or stumped with the same issue.